Deploy your Python
application in minutes

Have a Django or Flask project you want to make live?

Let us help you with server provisioning and launching your site.

  • Automatic server setup
  • Push-to-deploy
  • Create and manage queue workers
  • Automatic security updates and HTTPS
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL database support

How It Works

Connect your cloud provider

Connect your account to Linode or Digital Ocean to let us provision a server for you.

Connect to Github

We make launching your site easy by connecting to your Github repo. Enable push-to-deploy to instantly start deploying your site when you push to your repo.

Create a site and deploy!

Use your domain name to launch a production ready application with little to no configuration.

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$5 /mo

  • Single server
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Push To Deploy
  • 90 Day Free Trial


$10 /mo

  • Unlimited servers
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Push To Deploy
  • 90 Day Free Trial